I just love the holistic connective nature of this simple meme.

I would never consider myself a particularly good meditator of the sit still variety.  But I find working with a meme like this or short guided meditation works for me.  I also get my connection in other ways – through my own home grown movement and stretching, which I term yoga-chi having learnt from some wonderful yoga and tai chi teachers over the years, or being quiet in nature. I am incredibly lucky where I live with easy access to some glorious open spaces.  But whatever I am doing, the breath is key. 

The important thing is to find what works for you.  How are you able to stop the chatter in your head, or at least quieten it for a short time?

This meme could be one of the exercises we do whilst walking on a pilgrimage – walking in silence, in tune with our own breathing and connected to the natural world around us.  Breathe in – everything is within us; Breath out – we are part of everything.  It is very healing, rejuvenating, far away from the busy whirlwind lives that we have most of the time. 

If this appeals, take a look at the pilgrimages on offer for 2020.  It would be lovely to have you join me.