There is so much written on the subject of meditation by far wiser and more qualified people than myself but an inner voice has been calling me to meditate in a far more intense way than previously and the effect is blowing my socks off!

I have always struggled with the discipline required for a useful meditation practice.  There were so many other distractions and I talked myself out of it too easily.  But then I discovered online meditation and in particular a group of Buddhist monks from Wales who were putting out a 2x daily meditation I could join.  This brought meditation right into my house and for some reason (don’t ask me why!), I found this easy to connect with and much to my surprise I am still happy to get out of bed, sometimes before 6am, to meditate with them.  (If you are interested in joining me with the monks, please contact me).

Seeing the value of this and with the onset of social distancing, I decided to offer my own homegrown weekday meditation which I think we are all getting value from.  I certainly am!  (More information here, if you are interested).


So why meditate?  What really is the point of it all?

yoga figure within yin yang symbol

The Science of Meditating:  Much has been done over recent years publicising the benefits of meditation spurred on in particular, by the popularity of the mindfulness movement.  We are left with no doubt that stress indicators such as Heart Rate Variables, sense of wellbeing and happiness all improve with meditative practices (  There is also proof that it is not only the meditative practice itself but any genuine spiritual practice which will promote health and wellbeing (

The Non-Science of Meditating:  This section is more subjective in that nothing here is scientifically proven.  My personal viewpoint is that the dominant human mind set is what might be called the Ego Mind and this takes a central, front of house position in how we present and engage with our world in most people for most of the time.  Through meditation, this very vociferous, subjective, chitter chatter mind quietens down and we get in touch with a quiet space within and there we can hear an inner wisdom or intuition which we were perhaps not even aware of beforehand.  As we learn to listen to this quiet voice which bubbles up through the silence, we realise that we have access to something which is wise and creative beyond our wildest imagining.  This inner wisdom is available to all once we quieten the chattering Ego Mind and simply listen.  What a gift!

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