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“A good walker leaves no tracks.”
Lao Tzu (570 BC – 490 BC)


Who is it for?Guided Pilgrimage is for open-minded, relatively fit people (ie can walk the required length each day) of any or no, faith or religion, who are up for change in their lives.  People who want to give themselves some space (and a lot of fresh air) to allow new insights to appear. Nothing is guaranteed but if you don’t give yourself the opportunity, you might never know!

Shared experiences.  We take much of the hardship out of the walking by transferring your luggage each day when we move accommodation, so you only walk with a personal daypack.  We provide all meals, some of which might be in self-catered accommodation where the guides cook but are always grateful for some support assistance.  We always share our mealtimes together.

Where do we stay?  Accommodation is comfortable, if not luxury!  We use small guesthouses, local inns or self catered accommodation depending on what best fits our group and route.  In most instances, the rooms have their own private facilities but you will be advised of the exact nature of the rooming on booking.

If this sounds the kind of trip you would enjoy, do join us!


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Christine Smith

Guided Pilgrimage was the initiative of Christine Smith, and she was then joined by Iain Tweedale to double capacity and take GP in exciting new directions.  They are the main pilgrimage guides.  Chris is a qualified Lowland Leader with Mountain Training, an industry leader.  A qualified outdoor First Aider and carrying all the recommended insurance cover, she provides a safe outdoor experience.

She brings a wealth of other experience as a Spiritual Companion, qualified alternative health practitioner, extensive travel experience from working in the travel industry and finally a breadth of knowledge from leading groups on long distance routes in many areas of the world as well as at home for work and for personal exploration.  She also has a very broad perspective on matters of a spiritual nature and how we can live our best lives.

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Iain Tweedale

Iain lives in the far west of Wales overlooking the Irish Sea. His family origins are in Ireland and Scotland which is reflected in his love of wild Celtic landscapes, poetry and music.

He has a close association with the Cistercian Abbey on the monastic island of Caldey and is the co-founder of the lay Cistercians of Caldey there.  

He writes about pilgrimage, contemplative spirituality and Celtic Blessings.  He also narrates regular online Taizé events from Waterford, Ireland with his friends from the Island of Ireland Peace Choir.

He particularly loves to share his knowledge of the old pilgrimage routes in Wales with guests from all over the world. 



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