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“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
Albert Einstein (1897 – 1955)

Private Groups

If you want to come away with your own private group, family, friends or organisation, we can make a pilgrimage just for you. If you want to raise money for a charity by walking as a group we can organise the logistics, provide a knowledgeable guide and you just get on with the walking:

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You just need to get away ....

…. and you want more than a restful beach holiday or a retreat and you don’t want to travel with people you don’t know. We provide a private guide and tailored break just for you. Let us tempt you with a trip that will suit you exactly.

You want to go away with a private group of family / friends / or co-workers ....

… if you have a ready-made group and you want to go away together we can organise the perfect pilgrimage for you, from a one day event to an eight day journey. These are popular with groups going on pilgrimage together to raise money for charity, for teambuilding and for group awaydays. Contact us and we would be happy to come up with a personalised itinerary just for you.

You are a travel counsellor / tour operator ....

…. who wants to offer something unique to your regular clients.  You have looked after them for many years and know their preferences.  They like activity based trips and you have sent them on walking holidays previously.  Or perhaps you would like to book your own group.  Let us know how we can help you.

You want to visit your family's roots in the Celtic lands ....

…. to rediscover your family heritage, or your group wants to explore pilgrimage in the shared Celtic heritage of Wales and Ireland.  Let us do the organising and provide a leader to accompany you in Ireland or Wales.

You are walking the Via Beata or the Pembrokeshire National Park Coast Path ....

…. The Via Beata is the long distance path from Norfolk to Pembrokeshire.  We walked with the developers of the route in Wales and know the route well.  Equally we know the Pembrokeshire Coast Path inside out. We would be delighted to guide your group, booking all necessary accommodation and transport. 

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Get in touch

Let’s talk more about your travel plans.  Maybe a private departure of one of our itineraries featured on the website will suit you or perhaps, you would prefer taking highlights from a number of trips.  Whatever your preference, we are here to help build a trip you will love.

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